the two vital pathways that lead to a sustainable & successful life

Everything you need to thrive in life is already available to you. The trick is knowing how to effectively channel the vital force energy that circulates up and down your Chakra System.

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Love, vitality, prosperity, creativity - anything you need or dream of. It's your Divine birthright to claim it!

But unless you tend to these 2 things (that I share below) you may find yourself confined and limited by your circumstances, which essentially prevents you from living a sustainable and successful life.

Now, you may know a little or a lot about the human energy field and it's anatomy and physiology (comprising of the 7 main chakras and the 4 major subtle bodies). Either way, it probably won't be a surprise to hear that your chakra system is a magical living breathing organism that channels vital force energy from the source of all creation!

In your minds eye, visualise each of your chakras as individual cogs or wheels.

Vital Force Energy first streams down into your Crown Chakra wheel at the top of your head, which activates its spin, that in turn activates the third eye chakra between your brows to spin, your throat chakra, and so on and so on.

You are now looking at your magical manifesting machine. I can't help but see steampunk imagery in my mind when I picture this, lol.

It’s a real life functioning system fuelled on the infinite resources of the Universe. Pretty cool resources to have at your fingertips right?

In all of the ways you channel it - vitality, sexuality, creativity and prosperity. You create everything with this Divine Resource - including the life and love of your dreams! That’s if all the cogs or wheels are spinning properly and you look after the wellbeing and tend to the maintenance of your machine.

Source energy or Vital force energy or Divine Love or Chi or Prana or Holy Spirit (whatever you choose to call it) is the only sustainable fuel for manifesting anything in this world.

I’m not going to explain the entire biological process for manifestation in this moment (that's a completely different rabbit hole).

I've actually written a series of blog articles that describe each stage of the manifestation process whilst introducing you to Archetypes of each Chakra that are responsible for their part to play in it. You can find all of them here...

For now, simply know that when your Chakras are aligned, vital force energy travels along two major currents: energy moves upwards and energy moves downwards. These are the two vital pathways lead to a sustainable & successful life.

In her book Creating On Purpose, Anodea Judith refers to these as the currents of liberation and manifestation.

Chakras are organizational centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life-force energy. They are the stepping-stones between heaven and earth." — Anodea Judith

If you want to create your own Heaven on Earth - having a sustainable & successful life (whatever that means for you), these two currents/pathways and each of the chakras/stepping stones need to be well tended to!

Pathway 1: The current of liberation

The upward current of vital force energy (when channeled effectively), is what alchemizes dense matter into pure consciousness. Depending on one's level of awareness, we can go from having the awareness of the third dimensional material world, right up to the awareness of being holographic light beings having an embodied human experience.

With full awareness of this upward process and by tending to the health of each chakra responsible for channeling vital force energy, we are liberated and free to walk through life as spiritually autonomous beings without the limitations of 3D attachments or programming.

Our livelihoods that we create for ourselves, become sustainable!

Pathway 2: The current of manifestation

The downward current of vital force energy (when channeled effectively), is what alchemizes pure consciousness into dense matter. This is how inspired ideas become your physical reality.

With full awareness of this downward process and having healthy, happy chakras to channel energy through, we are magical manifesting machines - able to co-create with the Cosmos and our pure consciousness that resides in those higher planes of existence.

Our lives that we create become naturally successful!

We are always creating

Whether our chakras are happy and healthy or obstructed and out of whack, we are magical manifesting machines 24/7. It's our biological function as human beings. It's what we do. We create. The question is - what are we creating? And are we being intentional about it? And are we creating with a healthy Chakra System or not?

What would be different about your life, if you decided to be fully committed to the conscious co-creation pathway and doing/being all you can be and do to ensure that your Chakras are aligned and balanced?

More fulfilling experiences in matters of the heart? Increased vitality? Greater abundance? Unlimited creative flow? Grab your journal and write it out.

I trust that you've just been reminded of the fact that it's your Divine birthright to claim it!

To learn more about the biological functions of the manifesting process (looking through the eyes of each Chakra), read the series of articles here...

The act of conscious co-creation is essential for living and loving authentically, abundantly, purposefully and impactfully.

With that golden nugget of wisdom shared,

Shine on & keep doing you,

Vicki xxx

Thanks for tuning in!

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