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This journaling quest (spanning over 3 weeks) is designed to help you discover and declare your Higher Self Manifesto, so say to the world unapologetically and with true conviction that "This is what I know to be true for my free-spirited heart and this is how I choose to embody and express it!" By participating in this interactive journaling quest (interacting consciously with your Higher Self that is), you can expect to feel further attuned to the revolutionary leader that you were born to be and get clear on the mission that drives you to thrive beyond mediocrity. Your Soul's specific intentions for incarnating are not generic that's for sure, and I'm excited to say that your Manifesto will not be generic either. You're an independent free-spirit, so why borrow the words of someone else's intentions for living and loving, right?! It simply wouldn't be true for you. Get ready to... - craft a Manifesto that is unique to your priorities, beliefs, values, life experience, gifts, skills and passions as a revolutionary leader - find clarity, purpose and meaning for your current time on Earth - the kind of answers that come only from deep conversation with self - lovingly kick procrastination to the curb, sparking up your will to take soul-aligned action - challenge your assumptions about who you are and what defines you, or hinders you from taking up the reins s a leader in your community I"m betting you're up for this, am I right?! Awesome, let's do this! Sign up below.

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