about me & you

As our world (in the Age Of Aquarius) undergoes political, social, environmental and energetic shifts, I have an undeniable urge to rapidly awaken to the truth in my heart and walk more boldly than ever to the beat of my own drum.

​I want you to know that I see you there in an ever changing sea of emotional ebbs and flows, with the conflictual pushes and pulls of life and business draining you of vital force energy and causing a disconnect between you and your loved ones. You and I are more alike than you know.

Although we might not fully understand the why, how or even where our intuitive smarts and courageous hearts want to go, it's super obvious to us that...

we were born to disrupt the status quo & stick our middle fingers to mediocrity


​We are revolutionaries afterall - am I right?

There's no text book or formula for the trailblazing adventures that we are called to pursue. We simply need to listen, trust, and allow our Higher Selves to take the lead.

​So with your visibility fears and perfectionistic tendencies aside, it's time to turn your face to the sun and rise.

For the sake of the planet, humanity, our communities and future generations.

Please show up, stand in the light and shadow of your truth my friend.


We need you to be ALL of you!

Lovin' all of you,

  • biological mother to our 15 year old son, Malakai

  • wife to Gee (we've been together for 12 years)

  • mother of rescued animals - two dogs and two cats

  • descendant of many healers, witch doctors and psychics

  • psychic channel

  • shamanic healer

  • humanitarian

  • shadow embracer

  • akashic record explorer

  • chakra health geek

  • brand & business strategist

  • digital artist

  • graphic designer

  • pleiadian starseed

  • with my Sun & Rising in Aquarius & Moon in Virgo

I'm also a...