what to expect with 1:1 sessions

​You can create a life 'on- purpose' by simply rethinking the way you perceive yourself in the world, restructuring your priorities in accordance with your core truths and by taking actions that are powerfully aligned with them.

Whether it's a one off or a series of sessions, this is essentially what I am supporting you with.

Regardless of what path or modalities we end up exploring together, each session is a practical and powerful stand alone ritual or sorts. You will come away with a deeper understanding of self, solutions to both seen and unseen problems and a creative, aligned strategy for transcending them.


Expect to gain massive insight into your highest potential & purpose and learn how to authentically embody it so you can peacefully restore and rapidly expand your life, business and relationships.

paths we can explore

life purpose & alignment

Identify your karmic contracts, 'life lessons' and learn how you can restore alignment to your Soul's grand master plan. Eliminate the second guessing that prevents you from living and loving authentically and on-purpose.

brand & business alignment

Are you wanting to pivot after a few years in business or are you stuck in a purpose plateau? Get ready to reinvent or redefine the way you offer your products and services to your people, in order to future proof your business for the new economy and the new you. 

past life karma

Identify & clear for good, the perpetual unexplained shit that's been hitting the fan so that you can fully live in the present with your loved ones AND be present to your purpose in life.

soul genetics

Discover your starseed roots & original DNA code so that you know what soul-aligned strategies need to be in place for manifesting desired results vs the cringe worthy ones.

relationship dynamics

Learn how you & your loved ones are energetically entrained, karmically linked & astrologically influenced so you can live in harmony more often than chaos as you self actualize.

ascension health

The process of awakening to your own truth is a very individual one, so it's necessary to learn how your unique dots (or symptoms) are all connected and what you can do to evolve more swiftly & gracefully.

astrology & tarot

Learn the ancient wisdoms of both Tarot & Astrology from a Shamanic perspective, so that you can consciously harness the gifts of the Universal archetypes that you will inevitably encounter and be called to embody throughout every season of your life.

what my clients say...

Vicki is a trusted source for spiritual, cosmic & love connection!

While we are able to connect to our own guides for information & wisdom, sometimes, it helps to have a mediator on our behalf. Working with Vicki has been that for me. As a beloved friend and sister, Vicki is a trusted source for spiritual, cosmic, and love connection. She has continuously sewn together the signs, whispers & nudges that I've received directly into a beautiful quilt to be relished at once!

Asia Lew, Texas. USA